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Returns & Shipping Policy

Returns & Shipping

Please check and compare your size before you buy. Do not buy multiple sizes to then return the incorrect sizes.

Make sure you enter your correct shipping address at the checkout. If you have entered your shipping address incorrectly, please email us straight away at contact@modelled.co with your name, order number and correct shipping address. We try to process orders as quickly as possible, so you may find yours has already been shipped and there is nothing we can do.

Shipping Policies

On each product page, on our policy page and at checkout we detail our shipping times and fees if applicable.

The processing/dispatch period may be longer during busy periods. If you are ordering at a busy time (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) we recommend ordering in advance to make sure your order gets delivered on time. Once your package is dispatched, we will email you a tracking number and link.

Modelled  作る Shipping

For our products marked Modelled 作る,we use USA and Europe based fulfilment. Products take 2-5 days to be processed and arrive within 3-5 days after dispatch. You will receive a tracking number and link after your order has been processed.

Modelled  International  Shipping

For our products marked Modelled International, we outsource our shipping in Asia. It means we can offer free shipping on these products too. We typically say that Modelled International items will take 2-7 days to be processed and arrive within 7-20 business days after dispatch. You will receive a tracking number and link after your order has been processed. If for whatever reason you don't receive your order after 35 business after dispatch, email us and we will try our best to trace the package and see where it is.

As stated above, we use various warehouses around the world, so your items may be shipped separately (if you order more than one item).

We are not responsible for any customs fees once the items have shipped. By purchasing our products, you agree that you will pay any customs fees. It is not paid for when you place an order. Throughout our experience and knowledge, our customers are rarely asked to pay a customs fee. Please research the fees for your country for more information on the price you may have to pay, or contact your local post office.


If your item has not arrived within the time frame mentioned in the Shipping Policies section above and you believe it to be lost, please send an email to contact@modelled.co stating your name, order number and query.

If your item has been damaged, please send your query, name and order number, along with any pictures to contact@modelled.co – you will receive a response stating if your claim is valid and if so how to return your item and receive a refund.